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Photo Puzzle Invitations


Skill Level:    Moderate

Here's a great idea for your next summertime party - an invitation your guests will have fun putting together!

What You'll Need
  • A party-themed picture
  • Plain puzzle forms from a craft store
  • Scissors and glue
  • Crafting knife
  • Mailing envelopes
How to Make it
  Take a themed picture 
If you don't already have one, take a picture that matches your party theme. It could be someone making a big splash for your pool party or a basket on a pretty tablecloth for a picnic. Then take your picture to a nearby KODAK Picture Maker.
  Make your invitations 
Follow the on-screen directions to Select the picture size you want (4" x 6"). Scan your original picture. In the Edit function, you can Zoom and Crop to make each picture just the way you want it. Now Add a Border to your picture and Add Text to provide party details, like the date, time, place, and your name and phone number.
  Create the puzzle 
At home, trim your invitations and glue them to plain cardboard puzzle forms you can find at a local craft store. Once the glue is dry, flip the invitation over so the puzzle shapes are face up. Use a sharp crafting knife to trim out the pieces. If necessary, lightly sand off any rough edges with an emery board.
   Mail them! 
Put an unmade puzzle invitation in each envelope and mail or deliver one to each guest. They'll enjoy putting the puzzle back together in order to read your invitation!